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What problems does a freelancer face?

Since a freelancer is a person who works at home, from time to time he is faced with various problems specific to this type of employment. These problems are quite common, so it makes sense to analyze them in more detail.

It’s worth starting with the fact that the freelancer’s deadlines are often much shorter than those of a regular employee. Operational execution means a lot to the customer – therefore, they increasingly prefer to turn to free specialists, as they do not complain about processing and can even sacrifice weekends for the sake of completing work. But sometimes external circumstances invade a successfully advancing business, and a threat looms over the deadlines. Most often this happens during a power outage. Such cases happen to any freelancer, moreover, often the electricity is turned off at the very moment when it is most needed, but work does not wait.

Due to a power outage, you can completely lose all the work done before. Many programs make backups, but, for example, Photoshop doesn’t. Therefore, each graphic designer needs to periodically save his work – this will help to avoid tedious redoing again. If you tighten the time once, the client is likely to enter the situation, but if this is repeated constantly, he will prefer to work with another person.

Such troubles can be avoided by using uninterruptible power supplies. This will avoid the loss of unsaved data, save the document being worked on and turn off the computer. The cumulative system will generally allow you not to stop working when the power is turned off. If you have many important orders and you live in a region where there are constant power outages – it makes sense to think about such an acquisition.

Left without the Internet – a nightmare for any freelancer platform. After all, the Internet is a guarantee of his earnings. And if for Moscow and large cities communication problems have become rare, then in the province this still happens quite often. Interruptions in the Internet can be of a technical nature if, for example, a provider carries out routine maintenance, but it can be disastrous in the event that an accident occurs on the communication line. In any case, this is a long disconnection of Internet services. The shutdown time can be different – from several hours to several days. And if a short shutdown does not bode much of a danger, then a simple shutdown for a few days is a sure loss of work.

Therefore, you always need to have a backup Internet connection – this will minimize risks. Today this does not present any special problems – a regular 3G modem with an inexpensive tariff plan will allow you to always stay in touch.

When working with foreign customers, the main problems begin when the due date is due. And if in RuNet everything is quite simple and convenient, then when working with English-speaking clients, familiar tools are not suitable. Therefore, you need to care about the presence of a bank account, even if it is quite complicated and takes time. But this will allow not to miss a respectable client.

Well, of course, you should get yourself electronic wallets in PayPal and Money Bookers payment systems. This will allow you to feel confident in any situation, whatever form of payment the customer offers.

How To Create A Quora Marketing Strategy To Drive Targeted Website Traffic

1. Optimize Your Profile

For Quora, you should have a profile that is amazing and looks professional. On this platform, people do check the profiles of others and for a B2B business, profile has more importance. Your profile should have a strong introduction with powerful words describing your business and the value it provides. 

2. Track Relevant Topics

Quora is popular for seeking recommendations, answers and solutions to some practical problems. On this site, you will find threads of lesser known things. So everyone can search and track topics of their choice. Following the relevant topics and niches will help you stay updated about the new things and where you can participate.

3. Create a Topic for Business

It is really easy to create topics on anything. This is what makes Quora so popular and an all-time favorite for solutions. You should also create a thread of topic about your business where people can comment and answer questions. Don’t worry about positive or negative things. With a thread, your business will be shared more with users. 

4. Find the Best Questions 

Before you start answering questions on Quora, it is more important to find the questions which are compatible with your niche and have some value. Not all questions are worth answering because some are quite simple and common. Always answer the most important and appealing questions where you can make some impact and attract the users. 

5. Answer Questions in Your Niche

Another option that is perfectly valid for creating a Quora marketing strategy is to ask the questions in your niche. For your B2B business niche, create some questions and let people join the thread. Everyone will be able to answer and comment. You will start getting newer users with the passage of time.

6. Make Answers Stand Out

As you answer the questions, you should provide value. Make sure you read all the previous answers of the other users and see what new things you can add. Sometimes, people still need information despite a lot of users have shared their views. In such cases, a business profile will get instant attention of the users if the answer is unique and special. 

7. Create a Quora Blog

Here comes another great and very effective way which is actually helpful for using Quora for the marketing purposes. You should have a blog of your business on the platform. It can be used for sharing original and research-based content or repurpose the existing content. If you do both, it will be more effective. 

8. Conduct Competitor Analysis

Not many people follow this habit. But it turns out to be the most effective options which has been ignored for long. Use Quora as a tool and site to assess the strategies and analytics of your competitors. You will learn very useful tips. 

9. Analyze Your Quora Stats

Lastly, it should be a part of your Quora strategy to analyze your own stats and performance on this platform. You will be able to tweak your strategy accordingly after learning some amazing stats in the analysis process.

10. Identify Website VisitorsYou can identify the targeted website visitors from your Quora profile, links and activity using website visitor tracking.  This is a reverse IP solution and will send you notifications as the businesses land on your relevant pages. It is a solid extension to web conversion and additional leads for the pipeline.

Everything You Need to Know about Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards can be inconceivably fulfilling, in any case it requires an immense measure of investment and exertion to locate the correct one for you. Here’s the techniques by which to locate the ideal travel rewards credit for your wallet

The probability of increasing free travel through card rewards is an invigorating one. In any case, with such colossal amounts of various sorts of development Visas available, it’s normally not a splendid plan to apply for the basic offer you see.

That is in light of the way that travel credit cards are regularly explicit. Thusly, it’s key to think about a couple of things about your credit, techniques for supervising money, touring plans, and more before you apply for one.

This guide can help walk you through those options to enable you to locate the correct card for you. If you look for suggestions that are more specific check out info for best travel credit card.

What are travel rewards?

There are a wide extent of sorts of card rewards, in any case travel rewards are unequivocally proposed to enable you to increase free or generally free travel.

There are three sorts of development rewards, subordinate whereupon card you get: general travel rewards, motel prizes, and transporter rewards.

General travel rewards

Many card supporters offer travel credit cards that use the financier’s tip top travel rewards program. Subordinate upon the program, you may have fundamentally adaptability while recuperating your focuses or miles.

Hotel rewards

Most, if not all, veritable hotel brands have something close to those travel credit cards that enable you to store on faithfulness focuses with that hotel sort out.

Subordinate upon the lodge rewards program, you may have the decision to recoup your fixations for different things like gift vouchers and airfare. In any case, you’ll routinely dependably get the best an inspiration by recuperating them with the longing for complimentary evenings.

Hotel cards will overall offer circumstantial great conditions over their prizes programs, for example, tiptop status with the lodging brand and a free night remain each time you reestablish and pay your yearly charge.

Airline rewards

Essentially each aircraft has something like one co-stepped cards that make it simple to protect miles or focuses with your standard buys.

Like hotel rewards programs, some typical customer programs offer a few different ways to deal with recover your center advantages. Regardless, you’ll normally get the best recovery rate in the event that you use them to book free flights.

In spite of a prizes program, aircraft cards sometimes give cardholders central guides express toward that transporter. Fundamental central focuses join need piling up, a free checked sack for you an others on your schedule and limits on in-flight buys.

A travel rewards cards is an astonishing decision whether you head out occasionally or just more than once consistently. Be that as it may, there are two or three obstructions to consider before you pick one.

For instance, while many travel charge cards engage you to recover your focuses or miles for money back, they’re consistently at a horrible recovery rate. Hence, in case you’re chasing down a card that will give you remunerates you can use on development and everything else, you might be in an ideal condition with a money back card.

Gold and Global Business for You

This is one of the best investments since the outbreak of the crisis in 2008. At 1,709 dollars an ounce, the price of gold has doubled in five years, and increased by 8% in 2012 alone. The yellow metal has thus perfectly fulfilled its role as a safe haven and is back in the portfolio of savers, who are still reluctant to invest in risky investments.

Once you have set up your precautionary savings, with regulated booklets such as the Livret A and the Sustainable Development Booklet (LDD), an individual can very well spend up to 5% of his financial investments, according to the professionals.

Multiple Solutions To Diversify

However, the trend remains bullish over the long term, thanks in particular to sustained demand from emerging markets and a contained offer. In this matter you have to understand the global business management about gold.

Several solutions exist to diversify its heritage with precious metal

The first is to buy physical gold. Star of the market, the 1 kg ingot is obviously accessible only to the wealthy, because of its unit value higher than 42 000 euros. “It’s better to divide up your investment with, for example, small ingots, and, for coins, Napoleon wrasses and 20 Swiss francs, both of which are very liquid. The gold specialist CPOr Currencies also offers eight types of ingot weighing between 5 and 500 grams. “The most requested are small units like the 50 gram.

Do Not Choose Too Small Units

However, be careful not to choose too small units, whose price is higher than their fine gold value, especially because of the manufacturing costs higher than those of an ingot. At the purchase, a 50 gram ingot is worth, for example, nearly 5% more than its real weight of gold.

Apart from coins and bullion, it is also possible to invest in the yellow metal through financial products: besides speculative warrants and certificates, indexed on the gold price, the simplest is to choose the Gold Bullion Securities, an ETC (Exchange Traded Commodities) whose price follows that of the ounce of gold.

In practice, this product is bought on the stock market on Euronext Paris as an action, subject to payment of brokerage fees. It is backed by physical metal and its price replicates the variations of the price of a gold bullion, at the management fees (0.40%).

Finally, there are Sicavs invested in gold mines. While their performance is partly correlated with the gold price, it is primarily an investment in publicly traded equities, which are by definition more volatile. These funds therefore constitute good sector diversification in the context of a securities account; on the other hand, they do not have the virtues of safe haven of the yellow metal.