7 Types of Insurance Policies : Why Would You Need Them?

Life will bring tons of uncertainties. Some of them are hard to handle, and others can be dealt with easily. It all depends on the severity of the issue and the capacity you as a person have.

In some life’s situations, there’s no way of getting out without someone’s help. One reason for having so much need for help is that some problems require a tremendously big amount of money, which rarely anyone has at the moment.

This is why they invented insurance companies. They protect people in times of need and will provide the needed amount to cover the damages done by third persons or nature. It all depends on what your insurance policy says, of course.

Since there are many different kinds, we’re going to talk more about some of them. In the third article, we’re sharing the most important insurance plans there are. We’re going to tell you what they are and why they are important. Keep up if you want to know what they are, why they are important, and why would you need them?

1. Life

Life insurance is one of the most important for those who are living with a family. When you’re alone, you might not worry about what will happen to your family, but when you have a spouse and children, then this is something you might consider more seriously.

Why? Because whatever happens to you, the policy will guarantee that you’ll get amount enough to cover your loss. Of course, there’s no amount to cover a human life, but getting life insurance will compensate for those tough times and won’t live your kids out on the street.

2. Health

There should be no one in the world without health coverage. Those people who live without one might even lose their life when an emergency happens and they have no money to pay for the treatment. Every enrolment in the hospital is going to be charged, and without health insurance, this amount will be so high that no one can pay it.

That’s why you need to go through the many options and find the one company that will offer the best terms for your health insurance. With thousands of clinics and hospitals, it’s easy to get the healthcare you need, but you must have someone to pay for it, as the prices are enormous.

Some countries around the world have mandatory policies regulated by the company that employees the person and the government. The employees there have nothing to worry about, and even those who are not employed may use the benefits from the country to get free health insurance so they are safe if they need it.

3. Disability coverage

The long term disability is a highly important policy that not too many ask for, yet, it’s so important that it may save your life. Did you know that one in four people that start working will not get to get retired with their ability to do the job because they suffered an injury that will leave them disabled?

This is why it’s crucial to get yourself the policy that will have you protected. You never know what life brings, so it’s best to have it handled rather than wonder how to survive at an older age.

4. Auto

You literally can’t drive a car unless you have the car insurance to cover the eventual damage you’ll do with it. You must ensure your vehicle, and the passengers riding with you. However, even if you’re not required to do something like this, it’s wise to get one on your own.

Cars are expensive and they can do quite a lot of damage if they get out of control. You never know what’s going to happen on the road. Just imagine a situation in which your vehicle loses control and flies off the road hitting three other vehicles and breaks into a shop.

Luckily, no one gets hurt, but the material damage is enormous. One vehicle may cost from 20,000 euros and up to several hundred. Imagine what the amount of the damage would be if something like this happens to you. You’ll never be able to repay the damage.

5. Property

Living in a house or an apartment means that you use the appliances there every day. Sometimes you forget to turn off the oven, but you remember later on. In some rare cases, this negligence can cause frightening damages. This is where property insurance can help you.

Fires, floods, and similar issues that may be caused by negligence should be compensated by the insurance company. However, without a policy, you won’t get a dime from anyone despite the fact that your home is entirely ruined.

6. Liability

General liability insurance is for those who own a business. Before starting one, everyone only looks at the positive sides, but working means having obligations toward other people and goods too. When it happens for someone to cause damage, the liability policy will cover for it.

7. Hazard

You can’t predict what the weather will bring you. Not too long ago, in Czechia, there was a tornado destroying dozens of homes. There wasn’t a tornado in the entire history of the entire continent, but there it is – completely demolishing people’s homes.

If you want to be protected from something like this, you need to get the appropriate insurance. These types come for a very affordable price, but they’ll protect you. Just open the page https://www.beamtenberater.com and see what they can offer to their clients.


These are some of the most important and most commonly acquired insurance policies in Europe and the world. Some of them are mandatory for everyone, while others are good to have them because they’ll protect you in stressful moments.

If you’re wondering if you should get one of them, be sure that the answer is – yes. It’s always good to be insured, no matter the outcome in the future. Be protected and stay safe.

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