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What problems does a freelancer face?

Since a freelancer is a person who works at home, from time to time he is faced with various problems specific to this type of employment. These problems are quite common, so it makes sense to analyze them in more detail.

It’s worth starting with the fact that the freelancer’s deadlines are often much shorter than those of a regular employee. Operational execution means a lot to the customer – therefore, they increasingly prefer to turn to free specialists, as they do not complain about processing and can even sacrifice weekends for the sake of completing work. But sometimes external circumstances invade a successfully advancing business, and a threat looms over the deadlines. Most often this happens during a power outage. Such cases happen to any freelancer, moreover, often the electricity is turned off at the very moment when it is most needed, but work does not wait.

Due to a power outage, you can completely lose all the work done before. Many programs make backups, but, for example, Photoshop doesn’t. Therefore, each graphic designer needs to periodically save his work – this will help to avoid tedious redoing again. If you tighten the time once, the client is likely to enter the situation, but if this is repeated constantly, he will prefer to work with another person.

Such troubles can be avoided by using uninterruptible power supplies. This will avoid the loss of unsaved data, save the document being worked on and turn off the computer. The cumulative system will generally allow you not to stop working when the power is turned off. If you have many important orders and you live in a region where there are constant power outages – it makes sense to think about such an acquisition.

Left without the Internet – a nightmare for any freelancer platform. After all, the Internet is a guarantee of his earnings. And if for Moscow and large cities communication problems have become rare, then in the province this still happens quite often. Interruptions in the Internet can be of a technical nature if, for example, a provider carries out routine maintenance, but it can be disastrous in the event that an accident occurs on the communication line. In any case, this is a long disconnection of Internet services. The shutdown time can be different – from several hours to several days. And if a short shutdown does not bode much of a danger, then a simple shutdown for a few days is a sure loss of work.

Therefore, you always need to have a backup Internet connection – this will minimize risks. Today this does not present any special problems – a regular 3G modem with an inexpensive tariff plan will allow you to always stay in touch.

When working with foreign customers, the main problems begin when the due date is due. And if in RuNet everything is quite simple and convenient, then when working with English-speaking clients, familiar tools are not suitable. Therefore, you need to care about the presence of a bank account, even if it is quite complicated and takes time. But this will allow not to miss a respectable client.

Well, of course, you should get yourself electronic wallets in PayPal and Money Bookers payment systems. This will allow you to feel confident in any situation, whatever form of payment the customer offers.