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How To Create A Quora Marketing Strategy To Drive Targeted Website Traffic

1. Optimize Your Profile

For Quora, you should have a profile that is amazing and looks professional. On this platform, people do check the profiles of others and for a B2B business, profile has more importance. Your profile should have a strong introduction with powerful words describing your business and the value it provides. 

2. Track Relevant Topics

Quora is popular for seeking recommendations, answers and solutions to some practical problems. On this site, you will find threads of lesser known things. So everyone can search and track topics of their choice. Following the relevant topics and niches will help you stay updated about the new things and where you can participate.

3. Create a Topic for Business

It is really easy to create topics on anything. This is what makes Quora so popular and an all-time favorite for solutions. You should also create a thread of topic about your business where people can comment and answer questions. Don’t worry about positive or negative things. With a thread, your business will be shared more with users. 

4. Find the Best Questions 

Before you start answering questions on Quora, it is more important to find the questions which are compatible with your niche and have some value. Not all questions are worth answering because some are quite simple and common. Always answer the most important and appealing questions where you can make some impact and attract the users. 

5. Answer Questions in Your Niche

Another option that is perfectly valid for creating a Quora marketing strategy is to ask the questions in your niche. For your B2B business niche, create some questions and let people join the thread. Everyone will be able to answer and comment. You will start getting newer users with the passage of time.

6. Make Answers Stand Out

As you answer the questions, you should provide value. Make sure you read all the previous answers of the other users and see what new things you can add. Sometimes, people still need information despite a lot of users have shared their views. In such cases, a business profile will get instant attention of the users if the answer is unique and special. 

7. Create a Quora Blog

Here comes another great and very effective way which is actually helpful for using Quora for the marketing purposes. You should have a blog of your business on the platform. It can be used for sharing original and research-based content or repurpose the existing content. If you do both, it will be more effective. 

8. Conduct Competitor Analysis

Not many people follow this habit. But it turns out to be the most effective options which has been ignored for long. Use Quora as a tool and site to assess the strategies and analytics of your competitors. You will learn very useful tips. 

9. Analyze Your Quora Stats

Lastly, it should be a part of your Quora strategy to analyze your own stats and performance on this platform. You will be able to tweak your strategy accordingly after learning some amazing stats in the analysis process.

10. Identify Website VisitorsYou can identify the targeted website visitors from your Quora profile, links and activity using website visitor tracking.  This is a reverse IP solution and will send you notifications as the businesses land on your relevant pages. It is a solid extension to web conversion and additional leads for the pipeline.