RM Stories

Daniel’s Story

This is my story of coming home early from my full-time mission.  When I look back on a span of almost 2 years, it is amazing to think about what has happened in my life. It has definitely made me into who I am today.    In May 2013, I received my call in the mail. My mom texted me at school and … [Read More...]

Jacob’s Story

First off  I wanted to thank the creators of this site for their courage and insight they provide many returning RMs. It’s been a number of years since I returned home and didn’t have the education, support or outlet that this site provides and hope that my story can help others.  It was a long … [Read More...]

Leah’s Story

When I was 19 years old I started serving the Japan, Kobe Mission. I was excited and ready to meet the challenge full-speed ahead. It was difficult at first, but I quickly fell into the flow of things. My first transfer, I started having some stomach issues. They weren't severe enough to cause any … [Read More...]